Who I AM

Jarvis J. Mays is a father, singer / songwriter, Business Mogul, and Reality Show Star (TheAmaySingTwins & Industry Guys), hailing from Avon Park, Florida. Mays hit the music scene carving out his own blueprint in the music industry. Having the ability to hold a note was early detected at a young age. Being from a musical family it was not hard for Mays to go for what he knew.


Mays musical influences comes from a wide range of artist such as Earth, Wind, & Fire, Jonathan Butler, Babyface, his twin brother (Javis) and his father.


Jarvis released his first single on September 18, 2015, “Beautiful Love”. This song has caught the ears of many in the music industry launching him into the arena of many upcoming indie artists.  His second highly anticipated single, “Can I get a Witness” was released on July 15, 2016, and it is available to the public on all digital outlets now.


He consistently produces a brand that pushes all BOUNDARIES to the LIMIT, and he keeps us WATCHING and WANTING more. With his new single “Can I Get a Witness,” and his new show “TheAmaySingTwins” which will be airing soon on a major network, I am sure he has more in store for us to see.


In October, Jarvis released his 3rd single “Attitude” from his anticipated EP that will be released late 2018.